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Qateel Shifai was a renowned poet known for his soulful verses that spoke of love, longing, and regret. His poetry is celebrated for its vivid imagery and emotional intensity, captivating readers of Urdu and Hindi literature. Qateel Shifai's works have gained popularity not only in South Asia but also among poetry enthusiasts worldwide. His contributions to the world of poetry have left an indelible mark, making him a beloved figure among his fans.

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Ab Toh Aankhon Mein Samati Nahi Surat

اب تو آنکھوں میں سماتی نہیں صورت کوئی
گور سے میں نے تجھے کاش نہ دیکھا ہوتا

Ab Toh Aankhon Mein Samati Nahi Surat Koi
Gor Se Maine Tujhe Kaash Na Dekha Hota

Now no image settles in my eyes,
I wish I had not gazed at you with such intensity.

अब नेत्रों में कोई चित्र बसता नहीं,
मैं काश इतनी तीव्रता से तुम्हें नहीं देखता।

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