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Rahat Indori was a prominent Urdu poet and lyricist. He was known for his distinctive style of poetry, which blended traditional Urdu poetry with modern, socially relevant themes. He gained immense popularity for his poetry recitations, which he delivered with great passion and emotion. Indori's poetry often touched upon themes such as love, spirituality, and social issues such as gender equality and communal harmony. He was also a renowned Bollywood lyricist, and his songs in films such as Munnabhai MBBS and Mission Kashmir became popular with audiences. Indori's contributions to the world of Urdu poetry and literature have been widely celebrated, and his legacy continues to inspire future generations of poets and writers.

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Tum To Hote Toh Baat Aur Thi

تم تو ہوتے تو بات اور تھی
اب کی بارش تو صرف پانی ہے

Tum To Hote Toh Baat Aur Thi
Ab Ki Barish Toh Sirf Pani Hai

If you were here, there would be a conversation
Now, this rain is only water

अगर तुम यहाँ होते, तो बात होती
अब यह बारिश सिर्फ़ पानी है

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