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Sana Ahmed is a rising star in the world of Urdu poetry. She hails from Pakistan and has gained a lot of popularity through her unique style of writing. Sana Ahmed's poetry often reflects the struggles and emotions of women in society. Her poetry focuses on love, heartbreak, social justice, and self-reflection. Sana Ahmed has published several books of poetry and has won many awards for her literary work. Her poetry has resonated with a young audience and has inspired many aspiring poets to pursue their passion. With her unique voice and perspective, Sana Ahmed is sure to leave her mark on the world of Urdu poetry.

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Sazish koi karo rasta nikalo

Sazish koi karo rasta nikalo
Tum mujh tak pohnch jao ke mein safar mein hoon

سازش کوئی کرو کوئی رستہ نکالو
تم مجھ تک پہنچ جاؤ کہ میں سفر میں ہوں

English Urdu

Main Ne Majnun Pe Larakpan Mai ‘Asad’

Main Ne Majnun Pe Larakpan Mai ‘Asad’
Sang Uthaya Tha K Sar Yaad Aya

میں نے مجنوں پہ لڑکپن میں اسدؔ
سنگ اٹھایا تھا کہ سر یاد آیا

मैं ने मजनूँ पे लड़कपन में ‘असद’
संग उठाया था कि सर याद आया

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