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Aankhen Shayari & Poetry

Aankhen Shayari and poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that revolves around the theme of eyes and their expressions. The word "Aankhen" means eyes in Urdu, and these Shayaris and poems capture the beauty and depth of emotions that eyes can convey. With its emotive and evocative verses, Aankhen Shayari and poetry has become a popular form of expression among poetry lovers worldwide. Whether it's the love and admiration reflected in a lover's eyes or the sorrow and pain expressed through tears, Aankhen Shayari and poetry provides a platform for individuals to express their sentiments and emotions through the beauty of words. So, immerse yourself in the world of Aankhen Shayari and poetry and experience the power of poetry to convey emotions through the windows of the soul.

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Hum Se Milte Hain Toh Milte Hain Jhuka Kar

ہم سے ملتے ہیں تو ملتے ہیں جھکا کر آنکھیں
نہ جانے وہ پھر کیکے لئے رکھتے ہیں سجا کر آنکھیں

Hum Se Milte Hain Toh Milte Hain Jhuka Kar Aankhen
Na Jaane Woh Phir Kaike Liye Rakhte Hain Saja Ke Aankhen

When we meet, we meet with lowered eyes
Who knows why they adorn themselves for another time

हम से मिलते हैं तो मिलते हैं झुका कर आंखें
ना जाने वो फिर क्यों रखते हैं सजा कर आंखें

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Zra Talkh Lehje Mein Baat Kar Zra Be Rukhi Se Paish Aa

Zra Talkh Lehje Mein Baat Kar Zra Be Rukhi Se Paish Aa,
Main Isi Nazar Se Tabah Hua Mujhe Dekh Na Pyar Se

ذرا تلخ لہجے میں بات کر ذرا بے رخی سے پیش آ
میں اسی نظر سے تباہ ہوا مجھے دیکھ نہ پیار سے

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