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Bewafa Shayari & Poetry

Bewafa Shayari and poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that revolves around the theme of betrayal, heartbreak, and unfaithfulness. The word "Bewafa" means unfaithful or disloyal in Urdu, and these Shayaris and poems express the pain and anguish of a broken heart. With its poignant and emotional verses, Bewafa Shayari and poetry has become a popular form of expression among poetry lovers worldwide. Whether it's a lover's infidelity or a friend's betrayal, Bewafa Shayari and poetry provides a platform for individuals to express their pain and sorrow through the beauty of words. So, delve into the world of Bewafa Shayari and poetry and experience the cathartic power of expression through poetry.

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Na Thi Jisko Mere Pyar Ki Kadar Nahi Shayari

Na Thi Jisko Mere Pyar Ki Kadar,
Ittefaq Se Ussi Ko Chah Rahe Thay Hum
Ussi Diye Ne Jalaya Mere Hathon Ko,
Jisko Hawa Se Bacha Rahe Thay Hum

نہ تھی جس کو میرے پیار کی قدر
اتفاق سے اس ہی کو چاہ رہے تھے ہم
اس ہی دیے نے جلایا میرے ہاتھوں کو
جس کو ہوا سے بچا رہے تھے ہم

ना थी जिसको मेरे प्यार की कदर,
इत्तेफ़ाक़ से उसको ही चाह रहे थे हम !
उसी दिए ने जलाया मेरे हाथों को,
जिसको हवा से बचा रहे थे हम 

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