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Chahat Shayari & Poetry

Chahat Shayari and Poetry is a beautiful genre of Urdu poetry that expresses the longing and desire of the heart. Our collection of Chahat Shayari and Poetry is crafted with precision and care, designed to touch your soul and transport you to a world of passion and devotion. If you're looking for a way to express your deepest feelings or simply appreciate the beauty of poetry, Chahat Shayari and Poetry is the perfect place for you. Come and immerse yourself in the world of Chahat Shayari and Poetry, and let your heart speak the language of love.

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Mohabbat Karne Walon Se Tu Maange Saron Ki Bali

Mohabbat Karne Walon Se Tu Maange Saron Ki Bali,
Arey Ishq Kuch Khayal Kar Yeh Toh Rasm Hai Kafirana

محبت کرنے والوں سے مانگے تُو سرَوں کی بَلیِ
ارے عشق کچھ خیال کر یہ تو رسم ہے کافرانہ

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