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Dard Shayari & Poetry

Dard Shayari, also known as pain poetry, is a genre of Urdu poetry that beautifully expresses the emotions of heartbreak, sorrow, and melancholy. With its soul-stirring words and poignant imagery, Dard Shayari has become a popular form of expression for poets and poetry lovers alike. Whether you're looking to find solace in your own pain or simply appreciate the beauty of this poetic form, Dard Shayari has something to offer everyone. In this article, we'll explore the origins and evolution of Dard Shayari, as well as some of the most famous poets and their works in this genre.

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Mujh ko maara hai har ik dard o dava se pahle

مجھ کو مارا ہے ہر اک درد و دوا سے پہلے
دی سزا عشق نے ہر جرم و خطا سے پہلے

मुझको मारा है हर एक दर्द ओ दवा से पहले
दी सज़ा इश्क़ ने हर जुर्म ओ ख़ता से पहले

Mujh ko maara hai har ik dard o dava se pahle
di saza ishq ne har jurm-o-ḳhata se pahle

Before every pain and remedy, Love has already struck me down,
Before every sin and fault, Love has already punished me.

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