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Dil Shayari & Poetry

Dil Shayari and poetry is a heartfelt expression of the deepest emotions of the heart. This genre of poetry captures the essence of love, longing, and heartbreak, and it resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of relationships. With its soul-stirring verses and poignant imagery, Dil Shayari has become a popular form of expression among poetry enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to express your own feelings or simply appreciate the beauty of the written word, Dil Shayari and poetry is sure to touch your heart and leave a lasting impression.

Dil Hi To Hai Siyasat-e-Darban Se Dar

Dil Hi To Hai Siyasat-e-Darban Se Dar Gaya
Mai Aur Jaaun Dar Se Tere Bin Sada Kiye

دل ہی تو ہے سیاست درباں سے ڈر گیا
میں اور جاؤں در سے ترے بن صدا کیے

दिल ही तो है सियासत-ए-दरबाँ से डर गया
मैं और जाऊँ दर से तिरे बिन सदा किए

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