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Friends Shayari & Poetry

Friends Shayari and poetry is a form of Urdu/Hindi literature that celebrates the bond of friendship. It is a popular genre that captures the essence of friendship, its joys, sorrows, and the enduring nature of the relationship. Friends Shayari is a powerful medium through which individuals can express their emotions and feelings towards their friends through the beauty of poetry. This art form has gained immense popularity in South Asian countries, where friendship is highly valued and celebrated. In this article, we'll explore the world of Friends Shayari and poetry and the impact it has on the literary landscape.

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Nafraton Ke Teer Khaa Kar, Dosto’n Ke Sheher Mein

Nafraton Ke Teer Khaa Kar, Dosto’n Ke Sheher Mein
Hum Ne Kis Kis Ko Pukaara, Yeh Kahani Phir Sahee

نفرتوں کے تیر کھا کر، دوستوں کے شہر میں
ہم نے کس کس کو پکارا، یہ کہانی پھر سہی

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