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Intezar Shayari & Poetry

Intezar Shayari and poetry is a genre of literature that explores the profound emotions associated with waiting. This type of poetry captures the essence of anticipation, hope, and longing, and it resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the pain and joy of waiting. Intezar Shayari is characterized by its use of vivid imagery, powerful metaphors, and poignant language, making it a popular genre among poetry enthusiasts. Whether you are waiting for love, success, or any other significant event in your life, Intezar Shayari and poetry is sure to touch your soul and provide solace during your wait.

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Vidaa o Vasl Mai Hain Lazzaten Judagana

Vidaa o Vasl Mai Hain Lazzaten Judagana
Hazar Baar Tu Ja Sad-Hazar Baar Aa Ja

وداع و وصل میں ہیں لذتیں جداگانہ
ہزار بار تو جا صد ہزار بار آ جا

विदाअ ओ वस्ल में हैं लज़्ज़तें जुदागाना
हज़ार बार तू जा सद-हज़ार बार आ जा

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