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Islamic Shayari & Poetry

Islamic Shayari and poetry is a form of Urdu/Hindi literature that focuses on expressing themes related to Islamic beliefs, values, and traditions. It is a powerful medium through which individuals can connect with their faith and express their devotion to Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the art of poetry. Islamic Shayari encompasses a wide range of themes, including love for Allah, praising the Prophet (PBUH), and conveying moral messages through allegories and metaphors. This art form has gained popularity in the Muslim world, particularly in South Asia, as it allows individuals to express their religious devotion and connect with their spirituality through the beauty of poetry.

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Na kyun araishain karta khuda dunya

Na kyun araishain karta khuda dunya ke samaan mein
Tumhe dulha bana kar bhejna tha bazm e imkaan mein

نا کیوں ارایشاین کرتا خدا دنیا كے سامان میں
تمہیں دلہا بنا کر بھیجنا تھا بزم امکان میں

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