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Neend Shayari & Poetry

Neend Shayari and poetry is a form of Urdu/Hindi literature that explores the theme of sleep or the lack of it. It is a genre that captures the experience of insomnia, restlessness, and the longing for a peaceful night's sleep. Neend Shayari is a popular form of poetry in South Asian countries, where it is often used to express emotions related to sleep and its effects on the human psyche. This art form offers a creative outlet for individuals to express their feelings of exhaustion, frustration, and yearning for a restful night's sleep.

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Lete Hi Naam Us Ka Sote Se Chaunk

Lete Hi Naam Us Ka Sote Se Chaunk Uthe
Hai Khair ‘Mir’-Sahib Kuch Tum Ne Khawab Dekha

لیتے ہی نام اس کا سوتے سے چونک اٹھے
ہے خیر میرؔ صاحب کچھ تم نے خواب دیکھا

लेते ही नाम उस का सोते से चौंक उठ्ठे
है ख़ैर ‘मीर’-साहिब कुछ तुम ने ख़्वाब देखा

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