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Shikwa Shayari & Poetry

Shikwa Shayari and poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that revolves around the theme of complaint and lamentation. The word "Shikwa" means complaint in Urdu, and these Shayaris and poems express a sense of dissatisfaction, disappointment, and sorrow towards someone or something. With its poignant and emotional verses, Shikwa Shayari and poetry has become a popular form of expression among poetry lovers worldwide. Whether it's a complaint about society, love, or life in general, Shikwa Shayari and poetry provides a platform for individuals to voice their grievances through the beauty of words. So, immerse yourself in the world of Shikwa Shayari and poetry and experience the power of expression through poetry.

Agar Ghaflat Se Baaz Aaya Jafa Ki

Agar Ghaflat Se Baaz Aaya Jafa Ki
Talafi Ki Bhi Zalim Ne To Kya Ki

اگر غفلت سے باز آیا جفا کی
تلافی کی بھی ظالم نے تو کیا کی

अगर ग़फ़लत से बाज़ आया जफ़ा की
तलाफ़ी की भी ज़ालिम ने तो क्या की

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Shikan na Daal jabin par sharab dete hue

Shikan na Daal jabin par sharab dete hue
Ye muskurati hui cheez muskura ke pila

شکن نہ ڈال جبیں پر شراب دیتے ہوئے
یہ مسکراتی ہوئی چیز مسکرا کے پلا

शिकन न डाल जबीं पर शराब देते हुए
ये मुस्कुराती हुई चीज़ मुस्कुरा के पिला

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