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Teachers Day Shayari & Poetry

Teachers Day Shayari and poetry are a heartwarming tribute to the teachers who have had a profound impact on our lives. This special day is celebrated to honor the teachers and mentors who have dedicated their lives to shaping the future of their students. Teachers Day Shayari and poetry express gratitude, admiration, and respect for the teachers who have helped us grow, learn and achieve our goals. These poetic verses are a beautiful way to show our appreciation and acknowledge the invaluable role that teachers play in our lives. Whether you want to express your gratitude or simply convey your love for your teacher, Teachers Day Shayari and poetry offer a heartfelt and meaningful way to do so.

Sabza o Gul Kahan Se Aaye Hain

Sabza o Gul Kahan Se Aaye Hain
Abr Kya Cheez Hai Hawa Kya Hai

سبزہ و گل کہاں سے آئے ہیں
ابر کیا چیز ہے ہوا کیا ہے

सब्ज़ा ओ गुल कहाँ से आए हैं
अब्र क्या चीज़ है हवा क्या है

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Gumnami Ke Andhere MeIN Tha Ek Pehchaan

Gumnami Ke Andhere Mein Tha
Ek Pehchaan Bana Diya
Duniya Ke Gum Se Mujhe
Unhone Anjaan Bana Diya
Unki Aisi Mehrbani Huyi Ke
Ustad Ji Ne Mujhe Ek Achha
Insaan Bana Diya

گُمنامی کے اندھیرے میں تھا
ایک پہچان بنا دیا
دُنیا کے غم سے مجھے
اُنہوں نے انجان بنا دیا
اُن کی ایسی مہربانی ہوی کہ
اُستاد جی نے مجھے اک
اچھا انسان بنا دیا

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