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Two Line Shayari & Poetry

Two Line Shayari and poetry, also known as "Couplets", are concise yet impactful expressions of thoughts and emotions that can leave a lasting impression on the reader. These poetic verses consist of only two lines but have the power to convey deep meaning and insight with their brevity. Two Line Shayari and poetry have become increasingly popular on social media platforms due to their ability to express complex emotions in a short and sweet manner. From romantic to philosophical, and from humorous to profound, there is a vast collection of Two Line Shayari and poetry available to explore and share. So, if you're looking for a quick and powerful way to express your thoughts and feelings, Two Line Shayari and poetry might just be what you're looking for.

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Mehnat se hai azmat ki zamane men nagin ko

Mehnat se hai azmat ki zamane men nagin ko
Be-kavish-e-sina na kabhi namvari di

محنت سے ہے عظمت کہ زمانے میں نگیں کو
بے کاوش سینہ نہ کبھی ناموری دی

मेहनत से है अज़्मत कि ज़माने में नगीं को
बे-काविश-ए-सीना न कभी नामवरी दी

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