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Urdu Love Shayari & Poetry

Sad shayari and poetry are powerful forms of expression that can evoke deep emotions within the reader. Whether you are experiencing heartbreak, loss, or simply feeling down, sad shayari and poetry can help you connect with your feelings and find solace in words. These poignant pieces of literature often touch on themes of love, pain, and the complexities of the human experience. From classic Urdu poetry to contemporary English verse, there is no shortage of beautiful and moving sad shayari and poetry to explore.

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Seene se mujhko laga ke chahat toh doh

سینے سے مجھ کو لگا کہ چاہت تو دو
اس پاگل دل کو راحت تو دو

Seene se mujhko laga ke chahat toh doh
Iss pagal dil ko rahat to doh

Let my heart feel the love you withhold
Oh, crazy heart, give me solace to hold

सीने से मुझको लगा के चाहत तो दो
इस पागल दिल को राहत तो दो

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