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Yaad Shayari & Poetry

Yaad Shayari and poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that revolves around the theme of memories and nostalgia. The word "Yaad" means memories in Urdu, and these Shayaris and poems capture the essence of past experiences, moments, and emotions. With its poignant and evocative verses, Yaad Shayari and poetry has become a popular form of expression among poetry lovers worldwide. Whether it's a fond memory of a loved one or a melancholic remembrance of a lost time, Yaad Shayari and poetry provides a platform for individuals to express their emotions and sentiments through the beauty of words. So, immerse yourself in the world of Yaad Shayari and poetry and experience the power of poetry to evoke memories and emotions.

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Bari Be lagham Si Ho Gayi Hain Meri

بڑی بے لگام سی ہو گئی ہیں میری آنکھیں
تیری دید کے مسلسل بہانے ڈھونڈتی ہیں

Bari Be lagham Si Ho Gayi Hain Meri Aankhen
Teri Deed Ke Musalsal Bahane Dhundti Hain

My eyes have become restless
They search for continuous reasons to see you

मेरी आंखें बड़ी बेलगाम सी हो गई हैं
तेरी दीद के निरंतर कारण ढूंढती हैं।

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