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Asar Shayari & Poetry

Asar shayari and poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that explores the impact of human emotions and experiences on the soul. The term "asar" means impact, and this genre of shayari and poetry is known for its use of introspective and philosophical language to express the deep emotional and psychological impact of life's experiences. Asar shayari often deals with themes of love, loss, and longing, and is characterized by its use of metaphorical language to express the complexities of the human condition. This genre of poetry is loved by readers for its ability to evoke a sense of empathy and understanding for the struggles and joys of life. Whether you're a fan of traditional Urdu poetry or you're just discovering this art form for the first time, asar shayari and poetry offers a window into the depth and beauty of the human experience.

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Dil Se Jo Baat Nikalti Hai Asar Rakhti Hai, Par Nahi

Dil Se Jo Baat Nikalti Hai Asar Rakhti Hai
Par Nahi Taqat-e-parvaz Magar Rakhti Hai

دل سے جو بات نکلتی ہے اثر رکھتی ہے
پر نہیں طاقت پرواز مگر رکھتی ہے

दिल से जो बात निकलती है असर रखती है
पर नहीं ताक़त-ए-परवाज़ मगर रखती है

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