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Ashk Shayari & Poetry

Ashk Shayari and poetry are a genre of Urdu poetry that revolves around the theme of tears and sorrow. The word "ashk" means tears in Urdu, and the poetry reflects the emotional pain and heartbreak experienced by the poet. This poetic form is known for its depth and intensity, with each verse evoking a powerful emotional response from the reader. Ashk Shayari has been a popular art form in South Asian cultures for centuries, and continues to be celebrated today for its ability to capture the essence of human suffering and resilience. Whether you are looking for a way to express your own pain or seeking solace in the words of others, Ashk Shayari and poetry offer a poignant and meaningful way to connect with the deepest parts of the human experience.

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Laga Na Dil Kahin Kya Suna Nahi Tu Ne

Laga Na Dil Kahin Kya Suna Nahi Tu Ne
Jo Kuch K ‘Mir’ Ka Is Ashiqui Ne Haal Kiya

لگا نہ دل کو کہیں کیا سنا نہیں تو نے
جو کچھ کہ میرؔ کا اس عاشقی نے حال کیا

लगा न दिल को कहीं क्या सुना नहीं तू ने
जो कुछ कि ‘मीर’ का इस आशिक़ी ने हाल किया

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Chunti Hain Mere Ashk Raaton Ki

Chunti Hain Mere Ashk Raaton Ki Bhikaranen
‘Mohsin’ Luta Raha Hoon Sar-e-Aam Chandn

چنتی ہیں میرے اشک رتوں کی بھکارنیں
محسنؔ لٹا رہا ہوں سر عام چاندنی

चुनती हैं मेरे अश्क रुतों की भिकारनें
‘मोहसिन’ लुटा रहा हूँ सर-ए-आम चाँदनी

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