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baatein Shayari & Poetry

Baatein Shayari and Poetry are a popular form of Urdu literature that capture the essence of conversations and dialogue. Baatein Shayari is a type of poetic expression that explores the power of words and the emotions they convey. These poetic verses are known for their rich imagery and profound meanings, which often reflect on the complexities of human relationships and interactions. From the expressions of joy and laughter to the struggles of misunderstanding and miscommunication, Baatein Shayari and Poetry offer a unique window into the art of conversation and the importance of effective communication. If you are a lover of poetry and wish to explore the world of Baatein Shayari and Poetry, you will discover a wealth of masterful poets and verses to enjoy.

Zra Talkh Lehje Mein Baat Kar Zra Be Rukhi Se Paish Aa

Zra Talkh Lehje Mein Baat Kar Zra Be Rukhi Se Paish Aa,
Main Isi Nazar Se Tabah Hua Mujhe Dekh Na Pyar Se

ذرا تلخ لہجے میں بات کر ذرا بے رخی سے پیش آ
میں اسی نظر سے تباہ ہوا مجھے دیکھ نہ پیار سے

English Urdu

Saif Andaz e Bayaa’n Rang Badal Deta Hai

Saif Andaz e Bayaa’n Rang Badal Deta Hai,
Warna Duniya Mein Koi Baat Nayi Baat Nahi

سیف اندازِ بیاں رنگ بدل دیتا ہے
ورنہ دُنیا میں کوئی بات نئی بات نہیں
سیف الدین سیف

English Urdu