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Barkat Shayari & Poetry

Discover the enchanting world of Shayari and poetry centered around the theme of 'Barkat.' Our collection of verses delves into the concept of blessings and abundance in life. Immerse yourself in the eloquence of Urdu literature, where each line paints a vivid picture of the richness that comes from within and surrounds us. Whether you seek inspiration or simply wish to savor the beauty of poetic expression, our 'Barkat' category offers a treasure trove of heartfelt verses. Join us on this lyrical journey and celebrate the blessings that grace our lives.

Uttha ke haath kkhuda se bas mangi hai yahi dua

اُٹھا کے ہاتھ خدا سے بس مانگی ہے یہی دعا
نصیب ہوں خوشیاں تمہیں، تم خوش رہو سدا

Uttha ke haath kkhuda se bas mangi hai yahi dua
Naseeb hon khusihyan tumhe, tum khush raho sada

उठा के हाथ ख़ुदा से बस मांगी है यही दुआ
नसीब हों खुशियाँ तुम्हें, तुम खुश रहो सदा।

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