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Chehra Shayari & Poetry

Chehra Shayari and Poetry are about faces, their beauty, and their symbolism. This genre of Urdu poetry is known for its romantic and aesthetic themes that capture the essence of human faces and their impact on human emotions. The word "Chehra" means face, and the poetry of this genre revolves around the theme of beauty, love, and the expression of emotions.

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Ab Is Duniya Mein Koi Aur Mujhe Dil Nahi Dene Wala Faraz

Ab Is Duniya Mein Koi Aur Mujhe Dil Nahi Dene Wala Faraz,
Log Kehte Hain Meri Aankhon Mein Uska Chehra Nazar Aata Hai

اب اس دنیا میں کوئی اور مجھے دل نہیں دینے والا فراز
لوگ کہتے ہیں میری آنکھوں میں اُس کا چہرا نظر آتا ہے

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