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Dil Shayari & Poetry

Dil Shayari and Poetry is a popular genre of Urdu and Hindi literature that explores the theme of the heart and its emotions. The term 'dil' refers to the heart, and this genre of poetry often delves into the complexities of human emotions such as love, longing, and heartbreak. Dil Shayari and Poetry is known for its use of vivid imagery, evocative language, and emotive metaphors that capture the essence of the human experience. This genre of poetry has a wide audience, ranging from poetry enthusiasts to those who appreciate the beauty and power of language to express the complexities of the heart. Dil Shayari and Poetry is a testament to the enduring appeal of love and the eternal quest to understand the human heart.

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Ankhein bohot khubsoorat hain

آنکھیں بہت کھوبصورت ہیں
مگر یہ کہتے ہیں کہ دل کے دیوار پتھر کی ہوتی ہیں

Ankhein bohot khubsoorat hain
Magar yeh kehtay hain ke dil ke deewar patthar ki hoti hain

The eyes are very beautiful
But they say that the walls of the heart are made of stone.

आँखें बहुत खूबसूरत हैं
मगर ये कहते हैं कि दिल के दीवार पत्थर की होती हैं

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Dil Hi To Hai Siyasat-e-Darban Se Dar

Dil Hi To Hai Siyasat-e-Darban Se Dar Gaya
Mai Aur Jaaun Dar Se Tere Bin Sada Kiye

دل ہی تو ہے سیاست درباں سے ڈر گیا
میں اور جاؤں در سے ترے بن صدا کیے

दिल ही तो है सियासत-ए-दरबाँ से डर गया
मैं और जाऊँ दर से तिरे बिन सदा किए

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