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ghamgeen Shayari & Poetry

Ghamgeen Shayari and poetry are an integral part of the rich literary tradition of Urdu language. "Ghamgeen" means sad or melancholic in English, and this form of poetry is known for its intense emotional depth and profound expressions of sorrow, loss, and heartbreak. Ghamgeen Shayari explores the complexities of human emotions and experiences, including unrequited love, separation, grief, and longing. This genre of poetry has captivated audiences for centuries, with notable poets like Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and Ahmad Faraz creating timeless works that continue to resonate with people today. Ghamgeen Shayari and poetry remain a popular form of expression for poets and poetry lovers alike, showcasing the power of language to evoke powerful emotions and connect people through shared experiences.

Zra Talkh Lehje Mein Baat Kar Zra Be Rukhi Se Paish Aa

Zra Talkh Lehje Mein Baat Kar Zra Be Rukhi Se Paish Aa,
Main Isi Nazar Se Tabah Hua Mujhe Dekh Na Pyar Se

ذرا تلخ لہجے میں بات کر ذرا بے رخی سے پیش آ
میں اسی نظر سے تباہ ہوا مجھے دیکھ نہ پیار سے

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