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Gulab Shayari & Poetry

Gulab Shayari and poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that focuses on the beauty, fragrance, and symbolism of roses. The word "gulab" means rose in Urdu, and the poetry reflects the charm, elegance, and grace of this flower. Gulab Shayari and poetry often feature metaphors and imagery related to roses, such as petals, thorns, and fragrance, to convey a range of emotions and ideas. This poetic form has been popular in South Asian cultures for centuries, and continues to be celebrated today for its ability to capture the essence of human emotions and experiences through the lens of natural beauty. Whether you are a flower enthusiast or simply appreciate the intricacies of language, Gulab Shayari and poetry offer a delightful and enchanting way to connect with the world around you.

Chaman Mai Gul Ne Jo Kal Dava-e-Jamal

Chaman Mai Gul Ne Jo Kal Dava-e-Jamal Kiya
Jamal-e-Yar Ne Munh Us Ka Khub Laal Kiya

چمن میں گل نے جو کل دعوی جمال کیا
جمال یار نے منہ اس کا خوب لال کیا

चमन में गुल ने जो कल दावा-ए-जमाल किया
जमाल-ए-यार ने मुँह उस का ख़ूब लाल किया

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Kahan Milegi Misal Meri Sitamgari Ki

Kahan Milegi Misal Meri Sitamgari Ki
K Mai Gulabon Ke Zakham Kanton Se Si Raha Hoon

کہاں ملے گی مثال میری ستم گری کی
کہ میں گلابوں کے زخم کانٹوں سے سی رہا ہوں

कहाँ मिलेगी मिसाल मेरी सितमगरी की
कि मैं गुलाबों के ज़ख़्म काँटों से सी रहा हूँ

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Patta Patta Butta Butta Haal Humara

Patta Patta Butta Butta Haal Humara Jaane Hai
Jaane Na Jaane Gul Hi Na Jaane Baagh To Saara Jaane Hai

پتا پتا بوٹا بوٹا حال ہمارا جانے ہے
جانے نہ جانے گل ہی نہ جانے باغ تو سارا جانے ہے

पत्ता पत्ता बूटा बूटा हाल हमारा जाने है
जाने न जाने गुल ही न जाने बाग़ तो सारा जाने है

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