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Gussa Shayari & Poetry

Gussa shayari and poetry are a form of Urdu literature that deals with the theme of anger and frustration. The word "gussa" means anger, and the shayaris and poetry related to it express the intensity and emotions of anger. The use of metaphors and hyperboles is a common technique used to describe the characteristics and effects of anger. Gussa shayari and poetry are popular among poets and readers who appreciate the art of expressing emotions and feelings.

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Bahot Khamoosh Logon Se

بہت خاموش لوگوں سے
بہت الجھا نہیں کرتے

Bahot Khamoosh Logon Se
Buhot Uljha Naheen Kerty

They don't speak much
They don't get tangled up easily

वे ज्यादा नहीं बोलते
उन्हें आसानी से उलझान नहीं होती

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