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Khawab Shayari & Poetry

Khawab Shayari and poetry is a captivating genre of Urdu poetry that focuses on the theme of dreams. The word "khawab" means dream in Urdu, and the poetry revolves around the beauty, mystery, and symbolism of the world of dreams. Khawab Shayari and poetry often feature metaphors and imagery related to dreams, such as visions, illusions, and aspirations, to convey a range of emotions and ideas. This poetic form has been popular in South Asian cultures for centuries, and continues to be celebrated today for its ability to capture the essence of human imagination and creativity. Whether you are looking for a way to express your own dreams or seeking to explore the vast possibilities of the human mind, Khawab Shayari and poetry offer a unique and enchanting way to delve into the mysteries of the dream world.

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Jis ki tabeer hai pahle hi se reza

جس کی تعبیر ہے پہلے ہی سے ریزہ ریزہ
ایسے اک خواب کو آنکھوں سے لگا رکھا ہے

Jis ki tabeer hai pahle hi se reza reza
Aesy ek khuwab ko ankhon se laga rakha hai

The interpretation of which has been shattered already
A dream like that has been held in the eyes

जिस की ताबीर है पहले ही से रेज़ा रेज़ा
ऐसे एक ख्वाब को आँखों से लगा रखा है।

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