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khuda Shayari & Poetry

Khuda Shayari and Poetry are a beautiful and spiritual form of Urdu literature that explores the relationship between man and the Divine. Khuda Shayari is a type of poetic expression that reflects on the mysteries of creation, the majesty of the Creator, and the role of spirituality in human life. These poetic verses are known for their profound meanings and powerful imagery, which evoke a sense of wonder and awe. From the expressions of gratitude and devotion to the struggles of faith and doubt, Khuda Shayari and Poetry offer a unique window into the complexities of human spirituality. If you are a lover of poetry and wish to experience the beauty of Khuda Shayari, there are many masterful poets and verses to discover.

Dekhiye Laati Hai Us Shok Ki Nakhwat

Dekhiye Laati Hai Us Shok Ki Nakhwat Kya Rang
Us Ki Har Baat Per Hum Naam-e-Khuda Khate Hain

دیکھیے لاتی ہے اس شوخ کی نخوت کیا رنگ
اس کی ہر بات پہ ہم نام خدا کہتے ہیں

देखिए लाती है उस शोख़ की नख़वत क्या रंग
उस की हर बात पे हम नाम-ए-ख़ुदा कहते हैं

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