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mausam Shayari & Poetry

Mausam Shayari and Poetry are a popular form of Urdu literature that captures the beauty and evanescence of nature's changing seasons. Mausam Shayari is a type of poetic expression that reflects on the different moods and emotions evoked by the seasons, from the joyful arrival of spring to the melancholic farewell of autumn. These poetic verses are known for their vivid descriptions and metaphors, which evoke the sights, sounds, and smells of each season. Mausam Shayari and Poetry offer a unique window into the relationship between human beings and the natural world, highlighting the deep connection and interdependence between the two. If you are a lover of poetry and wish to explore the world of Mausam Shayari and Poetry, you will discover a wealth of masterful poets and verses to enjoy.

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Mausam-e-Zard Mai Ek Dil Ko Bachaun

Mausam-e-Zard Mai Ek Dil Ko Bachaun Kaise
Aisi Rut Mai To Ghane Peo Bhi Jhao Jaate Hain

موسم زرد میں ایک دل کو بچاؤں کیسے
ایسی رت میں تو گھنے پیڑ بھی جھڑ جاتے ہیں

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ऐसी रुत में तो घने पेड़ भी झड़ जाते हैं

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