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mohabbat Shayari & Poetry

Mohabbat Shayari and poetry are an integral part of Urdu literature, which explores the complexities of love and relationships. "Mohabbat" translates to "love" in English, and this form of poetry delves into the depths of emotions experienced in love, including passion, devotion, and heartbreak. This genre of poetry has a rich history in India and Pakistan, with legendary poets like Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, and Allama Iqbal creating works that continue to inspire and resonate with people around the world. Mohabbat Shayari has evolved over time, with modern-day poets exploring contemporary themes and experiences of love in their verses. The popularity of Mohabbat Shayari and poetry remains strong today, serving as a powerful reminder of the enduring nature of love and its impact on human lives.

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Seene se mujhko laga ke chahat toh doh

سینے سے مجھ کو لگا کہ چاہت تو دو
اس پاگل دل کو راحت تو دو

Seene se mujhko laga ke chahat toh doh
Iss pagal dil ko rahat to doh

Let my heart feel the love you withhold
Oh, crazy heart, give me solace to hold

सीने से मुझको लगा के चाहत तो दो
इस पागल दिल को राहत तो दो

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Agar ahle-dil shama-e-shabistan-e-wafa hun

اگر اہل دل شمعِ شبستانِ وفا ہوں
تو فروغِ ہمتِ ساقیٔ کوثر نہ پوچھ

Agar ahle-dil shama-e-shabistan-e-wafa hun
To furogh-e-himmat-e-saqi-e-kausar na pooch

If I am a candle of the garden of faithfulness,
Do not ask the light of the courage of the cup-bearer of Kausar.

अगर आहल-दिल शमा-ए शबस्तान-ए वफ़ा हूँ
तो फ़ुरोग़-ए हिम्मत-ए साक़ी-ए कौसर न पूछ

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