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Nafrat Shayari & Poetry

Nafrat shayari and poetry is a genre that explores the theme of hatred and animosity. This type of poetry often delves into the darker aspects of human emotions, exploring themes such as revenge, anger, and bitterness. Nafrat shayari can be a powerful tool for those seeking to express their feelings of hostility and resentment, and is a popular choice among poetry lovers.

Pila De Ok Se Saqi Jo Hum Se Nafrat

Pila De Ok Se Saqi Jo Hum Se Nafrat Hai
Piyala Gar Nahi Deta Na De Sharab To De

پلا دے اوک سے ساقی جو ہم سے نفرت ہے
پیالہ گر نہیں دیتا نہ دے شراب تو دے

पिला दे ओक से साक़ी जो हम से नफ़रत है
पियाला गर नहीं देता न दे शराब तो दे

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