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Rasta Shayari & Poetry

Rasta Shayari and Poetry refers to the collection of literary works that explore the theme of paths and journeys. These poems and shayaris are written in various languages, including Urdu and Hindi, and often feature vivid imagery and metaphors that depict the challenges and rewards of navigating through life's twists and turns. Rasta Shayari and Poetry can be a source of inspiration and guidance for those who are seeking direction or embarking on a new journey.

Lazim Tha K Dekho Mera Rasta Koi Din

Lazim Tha K Dekho Mera Rasta Koi Din Aur
Tanha Gaye Kyun Ab Raho Tanha Koi Din Aur

لازم تھا کہ دیکھو مرا رستا کوئی دن اور
تنہا گئے کیوں اب رہو تنہا کوئی دن اور

लाज़िम था कि देखो मिरा रस्ता कोई दिन और
तन्हा गए क्यूँ अब रहो तन्हा कोई दिन और

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Sazish koi karo rasta nikalo

Sazish koi karo rasta nikalo
Tum mujh tak pohnch jao ke mein safar mein hoon

سازش کوئی کرو کوئی رستہ نکالو
تم مجھ تک پہنچ جاؤ کہ میں سفر میں ہوں

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