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Samundar Shayari & Poetry

Samundar Shayari and poetry are a captivating form of Urdu poetry that draws inspiration from the vast expanse of the ocean. The word "samundar" means sea in Urdu, and the poetry reflects the beauty, power, and majesty of the ocean. Samundar Shayari and poetry often feature metaphors and imagery related to the sea, such as waves, tides, and marine life, to convey a range of emotions and ideas. This poetic form has been popular in South Asian cultures for centuries, and continues to be celebrated today for its ability to evoke a sense of awe and wonder in the reader. Whether you are a poetry enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, Samundar Shayari and poetry offer a unique and enchanting way to explore the mysteries of the ocean and the human experience.

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Kitni Ajeeb Thi Dastaan e Mohabbat

کتنی عجیب تھی داستانِ محبّت
کہ ایک آنکھ سمندر اور دوسری پیاسی تھی۔

Kitni Ajeeb Thi Dastaan e Mohabbat
Ke Aik Aankh Samundar Aur Dusri Pyaasi Thi

How strange was the story of love
One eye was the ocean and the other was thirsty

कितनी अजीब थी दास्तान-ए-मोहब्बत,
कि एक आंख समंदर और दूसरी प्यासी थी।

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Hai Mushtamil Numud-e-Suwar Par

Hai Mushtamil Numud-e-Suwar Par Wajood-e-Bahar
Yaan Kya Dhara Hai Qatraa O Mauj-o-Habab Mai

ہے مشتمل نمود صور پر وجود بحر
یاں کیا دھرا ہے قطرہ و موج و حباب میں

है मुश्तमिल नुमूद-ए-सुवर पर वजूद-ए-बहर
याँ क्या धरा है क़तरा ओ मौज-ओ-हबाब में

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Azal Se Qaaim Hain Donon Apni Zidon

Azal Se Qaim Hain Donon Apni Zidon Pe ‘Mohsin’
Chalega Pani Magar Kinara Nahi Chalega

ازل سے قائم ہیں دونوں اپنی ضدوں پہ محسنؔ
چلے گا پانی مگر کنارہ نہیں چلے گا

अज़ल से क़ाएम हैं दोनों अपनी ज़िदों पे ‘मोहसिन’
चलेगा पानी मगर किनारा नहीं चलेगा

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Mujh Ko Paana Hai Toh Phir Mujhe Mein Utar Kar Dekho

Mujh Ko Paana Hai Toh Phir Mujhe Mein Utar Kar Dekho,
Yun Kinare Se Samundar Nahi Dekha Jaata

مجھ کو پانا ہے تو پھر مجھ میں اُتر کر دیکھو
یُوں کنارے سے سمندر نہیں دیکھا جاتا
رضی اختر شوق

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