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Wafa Shayari & Poetry

Wafa Shayari and Poetry express the sentiments of loyalty, faithfulness, and dedication in love. It is a popular genre of Urdu poetry that beautifully captures the pain of betrayal and unrequited love. The word "Wafa" means faithfulness, and the poetry of this genre revolves around the theme of loyalty and dedication to one's beloved.

Kahin Ishq Ki Dekhi Ibtida, Kahin Ishq Ki Dekhi

Kahin ISHQ Ki Dekhi Ibtida,
Kahin ISHQ Ki Dekhi Inteha,
Kahin ISHQ Sooli Pe Charh Gaya,
Kahin ISHQ Ka Nezy Pe Ser Gaya,
Kahin ISHQ Sajde Mein Gir Gaya,
Kahin ISHQ Sajde Se Phirr Gaya,
Kahin ISHQ Dars e Wafa Bana,
Khain ISHQ Husn e Ada Bana,
Kahin ISHQ Ne Sanp Se Daswa Dia,
Kahin ISHQ Ne Namaz Ko Qaza Kia,
Kahin ISHQ Saife Khuda Bana,
Kahin ISHQ Shere Khuda Bana,
Kahin ISHQ Toor Per Deedar hai,
Kahin ISHQ Zibah Ko Tayar hai,
Kahin ISHQ Ne Behka Dia,
Kahin ISHQ Ne Shah e Misr Bana Dia,
Kahin ISHQ Aankhon Ka Noor Hai,
Kahin ISHQ Koh e Toor Hai,
Kahin ISHQ ‘Tu Hee Tu’ Hua,